From 1975 to 1978 more than 17 000 men, women and children were arrested and thrown into prison. Most of them were exposed to terrible torture in the prison S-21. Now the building of the former prison turned into a genocide museum, where every wall tells the terrible story of those years. About life in prison and the horrors that took place within these walls, there are many reliable facts. In 1979, when Vietnamese troops liberated Phnom Penh, they found the building a secret prison of Pol Pot (Secret Prison 21 - «S-21").

What was found in the S-21, saying that the building was abandoned in a hurry and that is why many of the documents were not destroyed. Besides general documents, personal files, interrogation results also found a lot of pictures. The fact that the warden, in his last math teacher had a penchant for precision and bureaucracy. Everything that happened in the walls of S-21 have been documented. Each prisoner was photographed before and after death. Today the walls are hung with original Tol Sleng photographs that were found in the S-21.

All were executed and tortured to death were taken to the landfill Cheong Ek. In 1980 there were 129 mass graves found, 43 of them still remain intact. At the landfill site is located stupa (Buddhist structure that usually contains one of the relics belonging to the Buddha), inside which the glass you will see more than 9,000 skulls that were found during the excavation of the graves.


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